The basic knowledge that the brick making machine should master in the production process

08 Aug 2018 08:44

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brick making machine in india machine technology can be said to be and the quality of the product has a direct link, with more and more areas, construction projects need to apply to different specifications, material bricks, so that the brick machine in the production process should grasp the basic knowledge has become the focus of attention information.Now let's listen to what the pros are explaining.Basic common sense of brick making machine the first, a new generation of brick machine can be said to be the product of the High-tech era, can use a lot of raw materials, including some can not be processed and can not recycle the garbage, absolutely meet the 21st century environmental protection and energy conservation concept.Second, although belonging to High-tech equipment, but in the course of operation, there are still some security risks, so the relevant operators must follow the prescribed procedures for the operation, can not adjust the operating procedures.Third, the brick making machine technology in the operation of the operation process, attaches great importance to the field work environment in the temperature, humidity and other factors, especially the temperature or brick machine thermal control does not meet the standards, may lead to a variety of fires, equipment failures, and other problems, resulting in different degrees of accidents. color-paver-block-machine.jpg Four, usually such brick machine equipment must establish a sound management system, and each post has a special person to carry out, we need to seriously adhere to their posts.Five, because the current brick making machine can produce different kinds of bricks, the choice of raw materials is also different, before each boot should carefully understand the relevant standards of today's operations, such as the type of bricks, size and specifications, thickness and other performance parameters.Six, before making production, must be the corresponding design of bricks, because only the size of the bricks, structure and other reasonable design, construction is more convenient.Seven, staff in the process of making brick machine process, such as wearing a good professional protective tools, such as masks, professional glasses and so on, so as to avoid their own body suffered from various accidental attacks.The advent of the High-tech era, so that more and more high-tech equipment has become an auxiliary helper in all walks of life, and the use of brick machine, only in accordance with the right brick machine process process to carry out, can provide users with more high-quality bricks, to ensure the progress of the construction at the same time, can improve the qualityWant to know more about the production of this type of equipment information, you are welcome to keep an eye on our website update dynamic.

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