How to choose color paving brick machinery and equipment specific characteristics of what

03 Aug 2018 03:41

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When we build a house, we need to use bricks, and bricks are made of colored paving brick machines.The color paving brick machine equipment has the height and the density, the double control function.and the corresponding small size, greater pressure, more simple operation, maintenance more convenient, more reliable operation and other advantages.Very economical and technologically advanced.Color paving brick machine equipment can not only produce color road tiles, but also the production of color tiles, bread bricks and standard bricks.The corresponding types of more, according to the production of brick-type, can be divided into hydraulic, road and other types of roads.Therefore for the vast number of consumers, in the brick machine to buy, should be comprehensive consideration, to ensure that the choice of suitable equipment, the greatest degree to meet their own needs.Of course, in the daily use of the process, in order to be the corresponding function, better play out, at this time need to be clear color paving brick machine equipment characteristics.Its production capacity is strong, but also produces the brick, the strength is very high, the water permeability is strong.Will not skid, to meet environmental needs of High-tech products. qt3-20-color-paving-block-making-machine.jpg At the same time, the corresponding color is very rich, the specification is very complete, more beautiful, very simple.Equipment can produce various models of color bricks, slope protection brick and so on.Laying on both sides of the road, you can enhance the water permeability, environmental protection, you can beautify the environment.Clear the color paving brick machine equipment characteristic, the daily use process, but also needs to have the concrete operation maintenance skill to have the mastery.In the use of new color paving brick machinery and equipment, should be the total pressure regulator, adjust to the motor can not be suffocated, at the same time can not be too much difficulty.Should be the cycle, put to the bottom of the concave die, open the motor, the lower pressure mode joystick, should observe the damping block making machine of the lower pressure level.In the operation of the time, you should control the specific pressure.If it is counterclockwise operation, you need to specify the specific pressure range.When debugging a brick, if found that the vibration force is insufficient, should check the upper pressure topped cylinder, whether there is excessive pressure.If it appears too high, should be counterclockwise adjustment, when the brick strength is good, then should be appropriate callback.Of course, at this time, we should also calculate the specific loss rate, the greatest degree to reduce losses.Finally, we need to be clear about the specific technical parameters.Only to the parameters, and color paving brick machine equipment characteristics to understand the situation, can be more effective to play out, to the greatest extent to meet the needs of the enterprise equipment.

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