Various dimensions and construction code of aerated concrete block

02 Aug 2018 03:35

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At present, the building materials market some materials prices have risen a lot, but really worthy of such a high price of material is not much. aac-block.jpg Many friends may just contact the building materials this line, some circumstances do not understand, today let Lontto machine machinery I introduce some about aerated concrete block related knowledge.As the measurement method is different, the specifications of aerated concrete block are various.There are basically 5 kinds, if the height is 600*240*75mm, according to the square or the cubic is 13.33, according to the unit is block/square, then 6.9, according to the unit is cubic/Block making Machine, then 0.0108; according to block/cubic, then 92.59.We can simply refer to, and specifically to see the aerated concrete block manufacturers to provide products.In the production process of aerated concrete block, the corresponding construction code needs to be complied with.First, look at the surrounding facilities and equipment, the treatment of the treatment is good; second, pay attention to the aerated concrete block equipment in the boot, whether the insulation and grounding work, the Belt Road Wheel protection cover is complete; third, aerated concrete block equipment in the start-up, the first to idle for a period of time, to check the rotation direction of the mixing leaf is correct, can side feeding, Add water, side to stir work; four, do the mixer inside and outside the cleaning work, timely maintenance of good venues.In general, every production process should not be overlooked.As for the construction process of aerated concrete block, first of all, we should pay attention to the strength of the block should not be below the minimum standard, mortar strength should not be below the minimum standard.In the upper and lower skin blocks of aerated concrete block wall, the vertical gray seam should be staggered, and the length should be 150mm-300mm for each other.If unable to meet the requirements, should be in the horizontal gray seam set 2蠁6 tensile tendons or 蠁 4 mesh bar, length can not be less than 700mm.We all know very well that the safety of building construction is very important, in the use of aerated concrete block equipment, the need for careful operation, bearing in mind the operation and construction norms, so as to avoid irreparable accidents.Want to know more about this knowledge, we can pay close attention to the Lontto machine website, we will be the industry's firsthand information to share.

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